"The Artist Recreates the World" Interview

Recently, I had the honor and privilege to sit down with Gary Campbell to talk about my poetry, and how the art can impact society.  I was honored, for I haven't done an interview in a very long time.  This wasn't a problem for me at all, because his laid-back style made it very easy to open up my mind, and heart to discuss the art form that is a very integral part of my life, poetry. 

Gary is in the process of producing an amazing video series on YouTube called "The Artist Recreates the World."  The series features some of the new and veteran faces of the genres of poetry, art, design, production -- and more, located in Newark, NJ and the state as a whole . The interviews are a good source of information on what the artists are doing, and has some good insight in to other areas influencing or affecting the genres.  His interviews are a part of the 365 YouTubes in 365 days series, and can be seen on his YouTube channel.

Check out my interview with Gary Campbell.

Hope you enjoyed the interview.  Please share with a friends, and family members.  

Remember to follow your dreams to the end, and never give up.  You owe it to your Maker, yourself, and your family.

Abundant blessing,

James C Ellerbe