Interview Part 2 and Poetry Videos

Gary Campbell is in the process of producing an amazing video series on YouTube called "The Artist Recreates the World."  The series features some of the new and veteran faces of the genres of poetry, art, design, production -- and more, located in Newark, NJ and the state as a whole . The interviews are a good source of information on what the artists are doing, and has some good insight in to other areas influencing or affecting the genres.  His interviews are a part of the 365 YouTubes in 365 days series, and can be seen on his YouTube channel.

In my last update I featured part 1 and a bonus of my interview with Gary, below is part 2 of the interview.  Please enjoy, but don't forget to share, and Like the video.


It's official Beyond the Event Horizon commercial and the spoken word videos "Time, Time, Time" and "Define You," written by yours truly and produced by Dream Be-Live Productions (, is finally here. The poems are featured in my book, and for only $14.99 with shipping starting at $2.72, you can possess your signed copy. Shout out to Jazmine Coye for the wonderful makeup job she did on my face. Thanks to dream Be-Lived Productions for their awesome work. Let this company create your next video or photo project. Please share with everyone you know, and Like the videos as well.




"If you get, give.  If you learn, teach." - Maya Angelou

Abundant blessing,

James C Ellerbe