All of you that utilize my NJ Poetry Calendar know that it is a great resource to learn what are the poetry events or workshops happening throughout the state. To constantly update this calendar takes a lot of work and time. I am asking at this time for your help to make a small donation for the upkeep and work that it takes to continue to provide you with one of the best resources for promoters and enthusiast for events and workshop in New Jersey.

Starting by the end of this month, the NJPC will be moving to it’s own website. I have some big plans for this site, and I am asking at this time to make a small donation for the cost to house the calendar. You can donate $5, $15, $20, $25 or as low as $3 or as high as the sky. When the site is launched it will also provide an option for promoters to have their flyers posted on the landing page of the site. The promoter will also be able to link their flyer to the page of their choosing to provide additional event information.

Please donate now to support my NJ Poetry Calendar.