Talk Show Performance

Check out my interview and special guest performance on the episode 2 of the YouTube based talk show, Courtney's Corner.  It was an honor and a privilege for me to share my passion for words with a special performance of the my spoken word poem, "We Are Superheroes!"  Courtney's journey and story is so encouraging.  Make sure you follow him on Facebook too.  Special thanks to actress, poet, and promoter Jennifer Heart for connecting me with Courtney's inspiring platform.  It is so good be apart of great things!

Thanks for joining us as we dive into Mental Illness and how it affects both adolescents and adults!! Please Like, comment, share, and most importantly Subscribe!!!!

PUSHing Beyond | Mental Health Awareness Show & Fundraiser & More...

Come joins the artists as we talk about mental health and how it affects all of us and especially in the black community through our art. Check out Taraji P. Henson on The Breakfast Club who spoke about mental health. This was a powerful interview, and the roster of artists are going to share some phenomenal art on this very important topic at the PUSHing Beyond | Mental Health Awareness Show & Fundraiser. Come hear our stories. Click the flyer below and video for interview.

P.U.S.Hing Beyond


Thanks to the person from Amsterdam, Netherlands that listen to “I Got a Date With the Devil” from my album PULSAR on Spotify. I am getting International play! Get your copy of my spoken word album here! You won’t be disappointed!  You can follow me too on Spotify.  PULSAR is now streaming on all digital platforms. Stream now, and remember to add your favorite songs to your favorite playlist! Don’t just stream —purchase the album too.


      Audio Live Performance of "Define You" Published

      It is official. My live performance of “Define You” at the P.O.A.R. Sessions event in Montclair NJ 2014 has been published by Indigent Press in audio format. You can find it under the “Sound Bites” section of the website. Check it out and all the poets featured on this webzine, and please share.  Click the picture below to go to the website.

      Dave Ramsey?

      Why do I promote Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover financial system so much, and not make a dime from him?  Because he taught my wife and I how to manage the ones we already have.  His system has changed my household's life forever.  His system will have us debt free in 2018... COMPLETELY!

      You are probably asking yourself, "So what is the cost of this miraculous plan?" We have already made back what we put in, by the amount of debt we were able to pay off.  All it cost was a class that gave us all the materials we needed for $100 (price at the time, and will fluctuate due to sales).  You can go to one of his Smart Money events, and pay way less than that to get the same information. We, on the other hand, wanted to be able to go to any class ---anytime for life just in case we need to keep the information refresh in our heads. Yep, you heard me right ---for life.

      This is not a gimmick. This is not a "get-rich-quick" scheme.  This is changing the way you handle money. This is changing your life, and your children's life, forever.  Sleep if you will, but know there is a better way to live.  You don't have to be in debt and can get out of debt.  Be just as weird as my wife and me, because being broke is the new norm.  Why not choose freedom.  Thank you Dave Ramsey; your system works.

      Something I Noticed

      I am hearing this trend among successful people; this point of working with people you get along with. This is actually contrary to the principal of "you don't have to like them to work with them." Working with someone you like or respect gives you that inspiration that you need to take your brand to the next level. Pushing a boulder up hill will eventually cause fatigue. I want to work with people that are willing to elevate with me; not be constantly combative and counter productive. What do you think?  Would love to hear from you.

      Updates for December

      *** HOLIDAY SPECIAL ***

      Start your holiday shopping with a special gift for your family and friends. Get signed printed copy(ies) of my poetry book, Beyond the Event Horizon, with free shipping on any order from TODAY until DECEMBER 14TH 11:30 PM. Just enter the code SNOWING, and you get free shipping on any order. Do not miss out on this deal. Hurry, and order directly from my website at ONLY.

      Starting TODAY, you can get my eBook version of my book at the Amazon Kindle Book Store for only $0.99 plus tax.  This special ends on December 11 at 8 pm EST.  Give the perfect holiday gift by purchasing by eBook on Amazon Kindle Book Store (eBooks can also be given as a gift).

      Check out this video snippet from my poem "Priceless," which will be featured on my next project. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get video blogs and more.  "Like" the videos, and comment to tell me what you think.


      For all Newark, NJ and NJ residence as a whole, my book is also being currently sold at The Conscious Room bookstore and accessories on 790 Clinton Ave., Newark, NJ 07108. This store supports local artist and products, and will be hosting events for your entertainment and enlightenment. I would like to thank The Conscious Room for opening up their space to me for my book signing.  Always remember to support your local businesses.  They support you.


      See Tour Dates section for more information.

      " If you wait until you feel like doing something, you will likely never accomplish it."
      John C. Maxwell

      Abundant blessing,

      James C Ellerbe

      Updates and Events


      The Old Bridge Public library is currently circulating my book, Beyond the Event Horizon.  In the near future I will be submitting my book to other libraries as well. See the information below, so you can borrow my book at your library today. Remember to support your local library.

      Check out this video snippet from my poem "The One" featured in my book. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get video blogs and more.  Like the video, and comment to tell me what you think.
      The One


      Upcoming Events

      Click on pictures for more information.

      WoRdS Unleashed while Being InKeD (Poetry Streaming Live)
      Saturday, December 12th 7:00pm - 11:00pm
      Admission: $10 only $5 for performers with RSVP (Click picture)
      Funkadelic Studios
      209 W 40th St, Fl 5th, New York, New York 10018

      "Nothing is owed to you. If you want it, go take it." - Sinbad

      Abundant blessing,

      James C Ellerbe

      Interview Part 2 and Poetry Videos

      Gary Campbell is in the process of producing an amazing video series on YouTube called "The Artist Recreates the World."  The series features some of the new and veteran faces of the genres of poetry, art, design, production -- and more, located in Newark, NJ and the state as a whole . The interviews are a good source of information on what the artists are doing, and has some good insight in to other areas influencing or affecting the genres.  His interviews are a part of the 365 YouTubes in 365 days series, and can be seen on his YouTube channel.

      In my last update I featured part 1 and a bonus of my interview with Gary, below is part 2 of the interview.  Please enjoy, but don't forget to share, and Like the video.


      It's official Beyond the Event Horizon commercial and the spoken word videos "Time, Time, Time" and "Define You," written by yours truly and produced by Dream Be-Live Productions (, is finally here. The poems are featured in my book, and for only $14.99 with shipping starting at $2.72, you can possess your signed copy. Shout out to Jazmine Coye for the wonderful makeup job she did on my face. Thanks to dream Be-Lived Productions for their awesome work. Let this company create your next video or photo project. Please share with everyone you know, and Like the videos as well.




      "If you get, give.  If you learn, teach." - Maya Angelou

      Abundant blessing,

      James C Ellerbe

      Updates and Events 9/14/15

      Recently on August 28th, I had the privilege of performing at one of Baltimore Maryland's premier open mic venues, Be Free Fridays.  At this event I performed my poem "A Better Man,"  which is featured in my book Beyond the Event Horizon. 

      Be Free Fridays is every last Friday of the month, and is hosted by
      Shelly Says So and Love The Poet.  BFF is also located at the Eubie Blake Center in Baltimore, MD.  The love was flowing at this venue, and the two host were so welcoming.  I truly felt at home, and look forward to visiting Be Free Fridays some day in the future.  Check out the video of my performance, and don't forget to Like the video, if you truly enjoyed it.

      "A Better Man" at Be Free Fridays Baltimore, MD

      james ellerbe - be free fridays.jpg

      I decided to created my own New Jersey Poetry Calendar. This calendar is designed for enthusiast and promoters of New Jersey poetry. You will be able to view and post events to this calendar, and be able to add events to your own Google Calendar. If you want to post your event, please email me at (only). All events will be posted by providing the following information, and follow the guidelines:

      1. Email subject "NJ Poetry Event Post"
      2. Must be a poetry event or open mic in New Jersey (poetry book signings or readings as well)
      3. Date of event
      4. Name of event
      5. Start Time and Ending Time of event
      6. Description of event
      7. Contact information including URL if possible (Facebook URL is welcomed too)

      In Montclair, NJ I plan on participating in the poetry slam at the Montclair Poetry Festival at Trend Coffee, 411 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ.  The event will be hosted by Se'lah The-Author.  Please see New Jersey Poetry Calendar for more information.


      "If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time" - Zig Ziglar

      Abundant blessing,

      James C Ellerbe

      "The Artist Recreates the World" Interview

      Recently, I had the honor and privilege to sit down with Gary Campbell to talk about my poetry, and how the art can impact society.  I was honored, for I haven't done an interview in a very long time.  This wasn't a problem for me at all, because his laid-back style made it very easy to open up my mind, and heart to discuss the art form that is a very integral part of my life, poetry. 

      Gary is in the process of producing an amazing video series on YouTube called "The Artist Recreates the World."  The series features some of the new and veteran faces of the genres of poetry, art, design, production -- and more, located in Newark, NJ and the state as a whole . The interviews are a good source of information on what the artists are doing, and has some good insight in to other areas influencing or affecting the genres.  His interviews are a part of the 365 YouTubes in 365 days series, and can be seen on his YouTube channel.

      Check out my interview with Gary Campbell.

      Hope you enjoyed the interview.  Please share with a friends, and family members.  

      Remember to follow your dreams to the end, and never give up.  You owe it to your Maker, yourself, and your family.

      Abundant blessing,

      James C Ellerbe


      I haven't done a panel discussion in a very long time, but the preparation process is invigorating (Panel discussion is entitled "Conjuring the Blank Page"). This author experience is so surreal, but humbling. I can just remember the time, when I first started writing poetry, and all I wanted was to one day publish a book.  April 2015 was one of the greatest months of my life.

      Come out and support me at BookNJ2015. Click the link under my Tour Dates section, come and buy my book, and I will love to sign your copy.  The greatest gift that I can offer the world is my story.

      Impossible to Possible

      Yesterday was my first vending gig selling my book, and the experience that stood out the most was with a young boy.

      Young Boy: You wrote this book? 
      Me: Yes, and you can write one too. 
      Young Boy: No I can't. 
      Me: You can accomplish anything that you imagine. 
      Young Boy: Not the impossible. 
      Me: Anything is possible if you believe it is. 
      Young Boy: That's not true that's why it is called "impossible." 
      Me: People thought traveling to the Moon was impossible, but they did it. People thought it was impossible to have an African American President, but we have one. It is only impossible, when we think it is impossible.

      I thought it was impossible for me to publish a book, because I didn't have a creative writing degree. Thank The Most High that I stop believing that.

      #Pre-Order On eBay!!!!


      Over 69 poems with journal like commentary. Come and follow the journey.

      "Beyond the Event Horizon" is James C. Ellerbe's first book of poetry that chronicles his life and evolution of thought on the subjects of love, life, social politics, and economics. It is a unique journey from his adolescents to adulthood through the motif of a black hole. BEH is his arrival to the literary world.