Impossible to Possible

Yesterday was my first vending gig selling my book, and the experience that stood out the most was with a young boy.

Young Boy: You wrote this book? 
Me: Yes, and you can write one too. 
Young Boy: No I can't. 
Me: You can accomplish anything that you imagine. 
Young Boy: Not the impossible. 
Me: Anything is possible if you believe it is. 
Young Boy: That's not true that's why it is called "impossible." 
Me: People thought traveling to the Moon was impossible, but they did it. People thought it was impossible to have an African American President, but we have one. It is only impossible, when we think it is impossible.

I thought it was impossible for me to publish a book, because I didn't have a creative writing degree. Thank The Most High that I stop believing that.

James C Ellerbe

James C. Ellerbe was born, and currently lives, in New Jersey with his wife. He graduated from Hackensack High School and Gibbs College (formerly in Livingston, New Jersey) with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Network Administration.

He has appeared on a BET’s "Buy The Book" and a non-taped edition of the world-renowned "Showtime at the Apollo" showcase in which he and other poets helped promote the first spoken-word event at a venue called "Poetic Battles." He represented New Jersey’s team for this event. He also performed at the Kola Note (Site of Montreal, Canada’s Jazz festival), Elizabeth High School, Rutgers University, NJIT, Fairleigh Dickinson University and Sarah Lawrence College, and appeared on WLIB Radio NYC.

Recently, James was also a finalist for the 2017 Indie Author Legacy Award for Poet of the Year, and featured author at the BCCLS BooksNJ 2015 and 2017 Book Festivals at Paramus Library in Paramus, NJ. He also wrote and co-produced his three-act play, "A Dream Preserved." "Beyond the Event Horizon" is his first book of poetry published in April 2015 by Let It Flow Publishing, and "Pulsar" is his first spoken word album released by Not Enough Words LLC on April 2018.